Every cloud has a silver lining. 

I’m a great believer in the above saying, that and ‘ it’s an ill wind that blows no good’.

This is my new cat George. He is smiling with good cause! 

 A week ago he was knocked down by a car and left badly injured in the middle of the road. Luckily for him he was screaming so loudly we heard him above the telly, and through the double glazing, and were able to rush out and save him before he was hurt any further. 

His second lucky break came from the fact that extensive x-rays show he hasn’t broken anything. He is young and fit with, apparently, very heavy bones and has managed to take extensive knocks with only minor grazes and massive bruising and a face that looked like he had been in a boxing match. 

The bruising even with his pain killer and anti inflammatory is such that he is not able to walk on his own still. The vets were keen to keep him in the surgery but we have brought him home and he is in a cage in the lounge. Miss C and l have been plying him with care and attention and all the signs are good that he will make a good recovery. 

Meanwhile our last remaining chicken, who quite honestly was getting very old and slow, managed to very quietly die in her sleep. Very upsetting especially for Miss C but a very dignified and easy end for us all. 

Obviously with so much going on we have spent almost the whole week at home and that’s the next ‘ silver lining’. We have tidied and cleaned the house and done lots to the garden. 

The polytunnel is now fully planted. This is a watermelon plant, I have no idea whether it will fruit but oh I do hope so! 

You would never know what had had to  lift George onto the sofa here. Apart from the obvious wound he looks so happy and relaxed. 

It’s been a very busy and difficult week here. Good and bad news, highs and lows. So many emotions, but a positive outcome to hope for. 

That’s the story of life in general I guess. 


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