Veg update. 

It’s been raining  on and off here all week. The weak mizzly rain that doesn’t fill the water butt but makes you wet should you be caught out in it. Today has been overcast and windy but dry and I was very pleased to get a line of washing dry the outdoors way.

With that in mind I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I went to check the garden this afternoon only to find it all in need of a good watering.

These potatoes have grown to tall and fallen sideways and I can’t help thinking that the dying leaves are not a good sign. I gave them a good water and will have to keep an eye on them.

My sweet potato continues to grow as does the oca

The polytunnel is looking lovely.

The watermelon puts on growth every day

There’s a tiny fruit on the cucumber and lots of male flowers, which are always the first to appear.

The peppers look healthy. I hope I’ve got them in early enough to get fruit this year.

Melons grow on the plastic netting. Hopefully this will be more supportive as I am growing more than last year and am aiming to improve on my crop total if I can!

The first tomatoes have set. Thanks to my group of little bumble bees who often work so hard they actually have to sleep over night in the tunnel.

Outside the onion tops are starting to fall over. I hoped they would be bigger but last year once this happened they seemed to stop growing so I will just have to see what happens

The leeks are going to seed which is a pity. I planted my second batch of peas up them and I had run out of space and thought it might be a novel idea. That was perhaps a mistake!

A bigger mistake was taking the net off the other peas as they grew to tall. Something has definitely had a nibble.

The Pak choi has also gone straight to seed, at seedling stage, in another bed.

The strawberries look promising though.

The grape and fig have both recovered from their late frosting

The grape even has a couple of tiny flowers coming

I had an inspired idea for my lack of space the other evening and planted my 2 giant pumpkin plants in the piece of lawn where I had the bonfire some weeks ago. Hubby intended digging it into more veggie bed space later anyway so I thought it was a great idea. He rolled his eyes but said nothing so inspired by the extra space I have now planted my courgettes there as well.

He wasn’t so impressed by that and dark mutterings about how he would keep the lawn tidy or dig around all the leaves have continued all week. Should I tell him that I have 3 butternut squash and some left over Brussel sprout plants that I need to fit in somewhere, or should I just sneak them in while he’s at work and claim they are self set.

He’s not really a gardener, he might just believe me!!!


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