Beaten by the pollination. 

My poly tunnel is like a jungle this year. Everything is growing and fruiting. 

I have 4 melon plants and every day we find another young fruit hanging enticingly on the nets. 

Today one looked and felt ripe enough to harvest so with great excitement we brought it into the kitchen and laid it on the surface to await our teatime treat. 

It didn’t smell very ‘melony’, so I did wonder, especially as our cucumbers have tasted horrible this week. However we carefully cut it in half.

At that point it was obvious that it wasn’t the galia melon I’d expected. The flesh is to pale and the seeds to small. It tasted disgusting, bitter and sharp. 

Clearly my melons have been pollinated by the cucumbers and the cucumbers are being pollinated by the melons. 

It’s all got a bit muddled in the poly tunnel. Part of me is very disappointed. We have at least a dozen melons growing and lots of cucs. Part of me laughs at the power of nature. You just can’t beat it!! 


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