Finally it’s harvest time. 

At last, after what feels like a long wait, the crops are coming in. 

The onions and garlic are lifted and dried.

The cucumbers in the poly tunnel have been cropping for ages but the tomatoes, although they’ve grown so well, have been a long time ripening.

Now there are more every day although the Money Maker is a bit mushy and bland which is disappointing. They are cooking down well for the freezer though so they won’t go to waste. 

I’m not inundated with courgettes, which having seen some of the posts on social media I’m quite pleased about, but we have enough. There won’t be any chocolate courgette cakes or strange courgette soups and for that I’m happy! The peppers are the same, slow but steady. Some to eat and some to freeze for later, just as I would hope for. 

The last bag of potatoes has been tipped out. We’ve had a few meals out of each bag which is better than last year. I’ve been reading up on growing them and next year I intend planting them nearer the top of the bags. Apparently they can get lost if they go in to deep

The new apple trees have a very small crop. I think I should have taken them off really to help them establish better but  I didn’t and it’s to late now! 

The bollotti beans turned out to be a dwarf variety. ( I should have read the package more closely) and are going over much quicker than last year’s. I’m picking them plant by plant as they die. Not enough for a meal yet but at least they will keep without taking up freezer room. 

The raspberries are much later than last year but there are lots to come. The blueberries are coming in steadily, some fall off as I approach the bush and have to ripen on the windowsill but that seems to be working ok. This years crop is much improved on last year. Not least because with no chickens we have been able to keep the bushes in their old run away from feathered thieves. 

The bees have had a late surge of honey production. Usually I don’t extract after early July but this year the hives are overflowing and I needed to reduce the size of them for winter so it had to come off. This last batch is very thick and was much more difficult than usual to spin from the frames. 

The difference in colour and style from the different crops is amazing. The jar on the left is probably more lime and field bean, it’s runny and rich tasting. The jar on the right is predominately oil seed rape, it’s solid and very sweet. 

Today while shopping in Morrison’s I brought this magazine. It’s got an exclusive to Tesco label on it which made me smile, as did the quantity of free seeds it contained. I may not have started my Christmas shopping yet but I’ve started my spring veggie shopping and that’s even more exciting.

I’m planning bigger and better next year and I can hardly wait! 


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