July update.

It’s a while since my last garden post and what a difference there’s been. The evenings have been spent moving the bees to the new apiary. An experience my hubby will probably never forget for a variety of reasons not least when one lot escaped the hive during the car journey! 
They are much happier there and I’ve been able to work them again and extract the honey. 

The polytunnel is now full to overflowing and the cucumbers have just started to crop. The strawberries have finished with only a small number but great flavour. The blackcurrants are almost non existent this year which is disappointing after the huge amount I had last year but not a major problem as I made lots of jam with the last ones from the freezer in the spring which should see us through this year at least! 

The early raspberries came to nothing but there are lots of autumn ones coming so fingers crossed there. The blueberries are ripening nicely, a good few have even made it into the freezer for  future eating. 

The whole garden is so hot and dry this year and we’ve really struggled to keep everything watered. The attention has gone to the tunnel as everything in there is important. The beds have had to look after themselves a bit. The brassicas are thriving, the root crops have failed to germinate. More have been sown so perhaps we will be lucky. 

The leeks planted last autumn came to nothing. I ran out of space to plant my spring sown ones and they’ve got to big to plant now so that’s another fail. The autumn planted garlic is lifted and looking good. The onions are still swelling and it’s just a matter of knowing when to harvest them for the best results. 

Hubby has taken a week’s holiday and we’ve been busy taking down the summerhouse. We needed the space for the caravan after getting bored of it filling half the drive. Like all jobs, one led to another and a tree and a patio on the other side of the garden also had to come up to make a new space for the summerhouse. As usual time rushed away from us and the job didn’t quite get finished but the caravan is in its new position. It got there via a quick trip to the seaside. Hubby had a gig at a holiday camp and a weekend on site seemed a great excuse for a short break. 

I do love a big sky, as does hubby it seems!


5 thoughts on “July update.

    • I had to check the package and yes they are marketmore. I brought them cheap in last year’s end of season sale but I’m finding the skins a bit tough. Have you grown this variety? How were yours?

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  1. Thanks. Yes, exactly – slightly tough skins (so ended up usually peeling them), but nice flavour. I’m trying the variety Burpless Tasty Green this year – longer and slimmer – but they’re still tiny for now. Need a bit more sunshine probably!

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  2. Your garden is coming along very nicely. You have done a fantastic job!
    As for the bees escaping on your car journey – I reckon that would be my biggest fear if we ever had to transport our bees to another site. I’ve heard of it happening to others before as well.


    • Thank you. Luckily I had draped the hive in an old sheet so most were contained in that. The rest seemed to prefer the view from the back window. Hubby in full suit and veil sitting frozen beside me was quite funny for one of us!!


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