The show. 

It’s 7 or 8 years since we last went to the Gardener’s World Show at the NEC. A lot has changed in that time but a lot has stayed the same. 

There are still lots of show gardens. Clever designs both old and new, especially as this year was a celebration of 50 years of Gardeners World. 

There was still the central marquee with its wonderful array of exhibitors. All showing off their plants to the best. Miss C loves carnivorous plants and I love hostas so we were both very happy. 

Hubby prefers order in the garden. He thought these herbs in large pots were an idea we could bring back with us. The chaos of colour in a garden is not so appealing to him as a nice tidy green plant and herbs fit the bill in his eyes. 

Having seen how big fennel can grow I realise I need to move mine and soon! 

He had me take lots of pictures of structural things he could build into our garden. Brightly coloured fences, bottle gardens and bee homes could all be this winters projects. 

The vegetables already being picked were amazing and inspired me to try harder. The stubby little carrots were a surprise. It reassured me that mine hadn’t been so bad after all! 

‘Don’t eat the display’ 

It seems a sad indication of the nation’s standards that we have to remind people not to steal from the displays. 

Lots of schools had made ‘ a meal in a barrow’ wheelbarrows. They all had some fun and well thought out items. I think this one was my favourite, just because they had used bull rushes to signify sausages. Such a great idea and just exactly how Miss C would think! 

In all it was a great day. Far to hot with temperatures in the 30 ‘s. Far to many people with far to few manners. Definitely far to far from home to make it a yearly event. But still well worth the visit. 

Happy birthday Gardeners World. Friday evening telly has been so much better since we had an hourly fix of Monty and Carol and I just love it when they finish the programme with the ‘ jobs for the weekend’ section and I’ve already done them. Makes me feel all smug and knowledgeable!! 


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