My new apiary. 

My bees aren’t happy where I presently keep them. My own hive is nearly unworkable and the swarms, who were all so happy when I collected them, are now all showing a tendancy to attack first and buzz later. The apiary they are in is under quite dense tree cover and near a very busy road with little natural food now that the farm crops are finishing. Quite honestly working them is becoming a painful chore and last weekend I took so many stings I began to wonder whether it was worth the bother. I dread my visits, which is obviously not the attitude a good hobby should provoke. 

I was very happy to hear of an opportunity of a new apiary.  It’s in the village, it’s isolated and if I look very carefully I can see it from my bedroom window. It’s within walking distance, if I also had a pack horse to carry all my beekeeping paraphanalia! 

This is part of the very long track I drive down to get to it. It feels very isolated although that is my village in the distance. 

It is surrounded by a double layer of these huge conifers. 

Inside the trees is a good acre of mostly  native trees and bushes. A huge area of land initially used as a hide for pheasant rearing but now left entirely to nature.  

Hubby put our new brush cutter to good use cutting me these tracks. I picked the route of least resistance, along the tree line. The middle of the plot has more than a lot of stinging nettles. 

This is the bees eye view of the plot. I took it by sitting on the very stand they will be sitting on. 

I unearthed a rather nice pair of cattle feeders that will be perfect for creating a water feeder. 

Hubby has made me a new stand out of Miss C’s old bedstead. Everything is ready for me to collect the hives from their present site and move them to here. I’m sure my own hive and the three swarms I’ve collected this spring will be very happy here. 

Just got to find the courage to do the job. I shall do it in the late evenings when the little darlings are hopefully all asleep! 


4 thoughts on “My new apiary. 

    • I like my bees a bit fiesty but don’t appreciate the pain. They have been moved a fortnight and are already better. The forage and views are better at the new apiary so I’m giving them a little time. I have to many hives this year so uniting will be an option if needed!

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