It’s always good to be home. 

We’ve been away for the bank holiday. I’ve had a great time but as we pulled up on the drive my first thought was to rush down the garden for a check up. Chickens, poly tunnel and summerhouse. 

The summerhouse has romped away and space was needed everywhere. Lots need taking to the polytunnel to harden off. 

The polytunnel is a similar jungle. The cabbages and cauliflower have been a failure with lots of growth but no heads. The peas are podding but not swelling very quickly. All of the over wintered flowers and plants needed to come out. I decided to be ruthless and clear the brassicas into the compost. Space is going to be needed really soon. I also stood all the pots outside with a view to covering with fleece should it look necessary. 

I earthed up the bags of potatoes. 

Moneymaker tomatoes have their first flowers coming. After putting them in the tunnel I decided to plant some in the soil. 

I planted them really deep. I hear that encourages more roots to form on the stem and certainly last year I had a good crop of fruit after doing the same. Both  the tunnel and the summerhouse looked better for a clear out and now I have lots more room for some more seedlings. There are still lots germinating. 

I might have to dig up more lawn to fit them all in but I’m sure hubby won’t mind! 


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