It’s my age. Again! 

We’ve been away for the bank holiday. We’ve all had a lovely time.

Fresh clean beaches, long woodland walks.

Miss C loves the outdoors and is always happiest exploring new things

Wild flower meadows absolutely buzzing with insects.

We actually saw the bumble bees going into these holes which was amazing.

The internet and phone reception were both really bad. Hubby turned off his phone and enjoyed the peace. I checked occasionally while enjoying the challenge but Miss C, in typical teenage fashion, made it her life’s goal to find a signal whenever she wasn’t being kept active. I found this particularly annoying with the inevitable mum/daughter ‘discussions’. On the last night we went across to the clubhouse on site, to watch a band with friends who were staying near us. Within seconds Miss C had found reception and was skimming her texts to talk to her friends.  Looking across the table I see my friend’s husband ,a man well into retirement, excitedly checking his too.

Suddenly I realised why I am so bad at technology. I’m to old to be an expert and to young to be hip. I’m just at that awkward age still!


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