Hills and Holes.

There’s a quarry in Lincolnshire that has been mined since Roman times. The stone has been used to build everything from houses to cathedrals. In more recent times it’s become a nature reserve. As a little girl we visited on one occasion and I distinctly remember rolling down the hills over and over again.

Today we were back as more recently my parents have moved to the area. My niece is spending some time with us and it seemed a good way to spend an afternoon.

These days large areas are roped off to protect the ground and it’s precious flowers. Having two teenagers with us did inspire Hubby to challenge them to roll down the biggest hill to much squealing and laughter though.

The area is home to a number of rare plants and today we were lucky enough to see some of them.

The pasqueflower​ and orchid were prolific in a number of spots along with huge swathes of cowslips.

The weather was lovely. The plants and bird song were amazing but best of all was the company. We visited with my parents and my 86 year old dad put us all to shame by climbing every hill quicker than we were. He’s a force to be reckoned with and long may it continue, but I bet his legs will ache in the morning!


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