My kind of shopping. 

I’m no shopper. I don’t mind the supermarket, everything under one roof, all done in one trip, once a week and quite honestly in general if it’s not in a supermarket I go without. Hubby is more of a shopper than me and Miss C loves it, if we are buying for her. In fact even I prefer it when we are buying for her!!

Today we headed to Spalding. If I have to shop than at least there I can still fit in a bit of gardening

The shops have a pretty outlook.

There are benches to rest and enjoy the views. 

There’s weird sculptures to ponder over.

A stream with fish, running all the way through the garden. Both fake and real!

Children’s entertainment

Spalding is the bulb capital of England. This outlet centre is built on an old exhibition site and is proud of it’s heritage.

Tulips, tulips, tulips and more tulips. Each variety is labelled but quite honestly who cares. With colours like this they are all wonderful.

There are other gardens for year round enjoyment, but in spring it’s all about the bulbs.

There were lots of children’s Easter activities. An egg hunt through the garden, but quite honestly I didn’t see anything but the planting and some rather cute animals.

I spent a bit on new towels and some craft ‘bits’.  We have lunch. But basically I just went for the flowers and topped it off with some rather lovely new secateurs.

A very successful day!


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