I only popped out for a minute. 

I’ve been out in the garden again today. I popped out to hang out the washing and came in 3 hours later! It all started with a quick check of the summerhouse, just to see if the seeds were ok but as usual I got distracted and time flew by.

These pots of flower seedlings were taking up to much room and needed moving to the polytunnel.

The polytunnel was already full so plants from here needed moving outside.

Cauliflower and cabbages have lost their labels so I’m confused. Both look too leggy anyway so I guess they should have come out. I got distracted by the peas.

I found some pods!

The potted strawberries are flowering. So that took me outside again to check the outdoors ones. There I became distracted by an empty seedbed and  sowed parsnip, radish, spring onions, Pak choi, lettuce and turnip.

That led me back to the summerhouse to admire the melons and sweet corn, sown last week, before  I got involved in sowing more flower seeds and butternut squash.

Then I saw the dahlia and chillies needed a water and started moving everything around so I could water everything else that needed it.

These are Brussel sprouts and the cauliflower are in a different tray.  Once the labels fall out I will be stumped but for now I know what I’m doing!


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