Home Groan.

It’s been a really lovely month here and every spare minute I’ve had I’ve been in the garden. And boy don’t I know it!

My shoulders ache from cutting down the laurel, my hands hurt from using the secateurs, my forearm muscles feel stretched twice as long from all the pulling and pushing, lifting and carrying. In all I feel I could sleep for a week.

But it’s all worth it when spring is this beautiful.

The compost bins have been dug out. The oldest will all be used for mulching. As seen here around some freshly weeded perennials. Ignore the ground elder, I can’t beat it but I’m certainly trying!

The polyanthus have bred with the cowslips and created new colours.

The quince has finally appeared and the peony is showing bud colour. I’m supporting it this year with a mix of chicken wire and old sticks, all my own design!

The tayberry has been tidied and woven into the side of the chicken run. It’s hopefully going to be a fox deterant very soon.

The raspberry bed is shooting. We don’t tie them in but do pop them behind the rails just to keep them off the lawn.

The ivy along a very flaky walled bit of the garden was pulling down it’s supports, hence the quickly crafted posts. That’s now had a major short back and sides cut.

Miss C is estatic with the tomato plants growing on her bedroom windowsill, while melon and peppers grow in the spare room. The summerhouse is filling quickly with lots of extras and some tasty looking cucumber plants.

All in all it’s been a productive spring. Miss C is fitting in some riding today so I am taking a breather, baking cakes for free as the sun charges the solar panels and drinking coffee. I might be stiff and aching, with muscles like Pop Eye but you won’t meet a happier home maker even with the groans, moans and bruises.

But oh to be a cat.


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