It’s all grow. 

It’s been raining here this morning and although that’s possibly a bad thing actually for me it’s a big help. I have been able to catch up on housework, especially the ironing, which was threatening to take over.

We’ve been busy in the garden every spare minute this month.

Miss C is growing the tomatoes and chilli on her bedroom windowsill and was excited to find that they germinated today.

We’ve trimmed hedges and bushes. Weeded and weeded some more. Moved a few seedlings that were in the wrong places, mostly foxgloves from plant pots in the tunnel that they had self seeded in.

Miss C repotted the strawberry runners that we are going to keep in the tunnel hoping to get earlier fruit.I dug around everything and tidied.

The tunnel is so full I can’t clean the sides so that’s a lesson for next year. The cabbages, cauliflower and lettuce look ok but I’m not convinced it’s been worth having them in there. I guess if they grow huge, don’t bolt and taste good now that spring is coming I might reconsider.


The garlic and onions outside are growing well. The leeks are definitely bigger.The covers are great for keeping the birds off but a bit annoying to remove so I’m afraid I was to lazy!

Flowers are everywhere. Mostly snowdrops which with me splitting each year, and their own self seeding, just spread and spread.

Iris and crocus. Which seem to be forcing their way further and further under the fuschia each year. They just can’t be removed now, they are so intertwined.

When we first moved here we didn’t have any daisies in the lawn. I went to my sister’s house and dug some up for replanting. When they flower in February then I know it was worth it!

Roll on the real spring with lots more gardening opportunities , good weather and high hopes. I can’t wait.


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