Hibernations end.

It’s been a quiet month here. The Christmas decs are put away and the weather has been cold and miserable. We’ve had all seasons in one day on more than one occasion and quite honestly it’s been fairly dismal. Miss C had spent a lot of time catching up on school work, watching documentaries and learning to cook while I have been making plans for the coming year.

Today after a home ed meet up Miss C popped around to visit the horses and I took hubby to collect his car from a local garage. This meant I was driving through the Fens at teatime, on my own. A novelty when you home ed and always have your child’s company. Now I love Miss C and in general I love her constant chatter, pop music and teenage grumps but when I saw this sunset my heart soared and I was able to revel in it all on my own.

It was invigorating and suddenly I remembered that today is St Bridget’s day. The first day of spring in the Celtic calendar. The time for fresh starts, new life. My hibernation is over and tomorrow (or certainly before the weekend) I’m going to start my spring growing.

Happy Imbolc. When people believed that if the weather was good winter would last much longer but if it was foul winter is nearly over. Today it’s been all of those things. A new season. A new growing year.

Life outdoors  is always good and today it all starts again!


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