A simple idea, but effective. 

As I’ve already mentioned, Miss C and I booked a local village hall and threw a home ed Christmas party this year. everyone brought food to share and I just provided music via the hubby’s PA.

I also made a few simple ‘toys’ to keep the younger children entertained. For anyone with small children this one is a great idea, I can just imagine how much fun Miss C would have had with it a few years ago.

Basically I brought a large piece of felt for just a few pounds online and cut out the tree shape and then used my left over felt for the decs.

Now I love working with felt and made lots of tree decorations last year as gifts in Miss C’s advent calendar so I had a lot of colours but the packs are very cheap in craft shops everywhere.

We started off with proper shapes and hand sewing and then like all good ideas I procrastinated and ran out of time.

I then cut lightbulb shapes and basic circles.

On the day I double sided sticky taped it to a board and lent it against the wall at ground level but here it is just blue tacked to the wall. Either way it works a treat and kept the toddlers entertained for ages. The tub underneath was just as much fun for lots of the little girls who spent long minutes carefully packing everything back into it before someone else took it all out again. Great fun!


2 thoughts on “A simple idea, but effective. 

  1. I love this idea and given my daughter’s interest in ‘rearranging’ the decorations I think it might be a good idea for next year! It looks lots of fun, hope the party went well. 😊


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