A bonus day. 

It’s been very busy this last few weeks. Obviously I’m not alone in that, it is Christmas after all! Miss C and I have planned a home ed party that was great fun and eaten our own weight in pre Christmas lunches with different groups of friends or family.

Today would have been our third day out this week when my friend called to say the foggy weather and a bad cold had conspired to keep her at home in the warm. I was disappointed initially but it is a fair way for her to come and I’m generous enough  to see her point! As I stood catching up on the ironing I suddenly realised that meant I had a whole free day. Every cloud has a silver lining, just what to do with it.

Miss C was working on some Christmas themed schoolwork so I finished the ironing and surveyed my messy lounge. We’d been meeting out for lunch so the house had not had the manic tidy of an overworked mum. No piles of books and magazines shoved under the stairs. Nothing hidden in the dishwasher or microwave for later. The coffee table was groaning under the weight of unclaimed nothing that just seems to collect in my house and two partially emptied but abandoned boxes of Christmas decorations sat beside the tree.

Miss C now has an area for all her craft makes and treasures.

Then I went out into the garden and pottered. It’s not a good day unless it involves some outside time. Miss C filled the bird feeders and I aired the polytunnel. Taking advantage of the weather to uncover everything and see how it was all doing. The peas and lettuce look small but green.

Cabbages and cauliflower looking good.

Strawberry runners for an early crop.

Healthy Hebes.

Outside the garlic is very advanced and onions just peak through.

Leeks are still growing slowly as is the kale

There’s one solitary pak choi and a curly leaf lettuce in the bed that I planted the winter manure in. Before the manure, that didn’t germinate, I had planted rows of each but they hadn’t come up either. You can never tell with nature, I’ll probably have a bed full of it all by spring!

Just a few flowers and a cotoneaster full of berries to brighten the season.

Early snowdrops poking through. Helped by the cat and his relentless digging. He might look cute but he’s a demon , my new cat.

When he’s not resting that is.


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