Counting the harvest.

I can’t ever claim to be very organised and the age of having a good memory is but a distant memory but I did give it my best this year to record the crops as I brought them in from the garden.

I found another squash hidden amongst the leaves after this picture. Therefore I had 4 butternut squash.

I also had this tray of parsnip and carrots that although I photographed and processed straight into a casserole and the freezer. I forgot to measure in any way. I think I was to busy laughing about their size and mis-shappen looks.

I did however have 5 cabbages which were so big that even their slugs were super sized. I don’t eat cabbage but they are in the freezer, along with 4lb of mange tout. We had lots more of that. Miss C ate it straight from the plant and I cooked with it, added it to salads and stir frys  and forgot all about recording it ! It was a huge success and definitely in the garden again next year.

19 sweet corn cobs also get a place. 12 heads of celery get eaten smaller next year, but still get their room. Courgettes were feeble we only actually ate 2 of the 8 we had. They take up so much room it’s not worth growing them just for the chickens.

I didn’t harvest the white currants, we never eat them so I left them for the birds and the red ones didn’t really crop after moving the bush to late in the season, but on the whole the fruit did well. There’s 5lb of blackcurrants in the freezer and I cooked with more of that as well. 3lb of rhubarb is enough for us over the winter but we ate lots to and gave some away.The autumn raspberries were phenomenal, leaving some uncut gave us an early crop which I had for breakfast every morning until I was sick of them. Later on I started again, froze just over 6lb, ate lots and fed even more to the chickens just to stop them rotting on the canes.

We had very few strawberries but as they were runners dug up from around the garden in the autumn that’s not such a surprise. The bed looks great going into next season.

Miss C had one pumpkin but that is good enough. She is so inspired to do better she is already planning next year’s growing methods. That in itself is a success in my book!

The polytunnel has exceeded all my expectations. We have counted  60+ cucs and many many more were given to the chickens just to entertain them when they were shut in all day.

The 5 melons were a huge bonus. I said I would be happy if I got one after sowing them so late. The peppers have been disappointing but again they were sown to late. Just the one so far and I really don’t think the rest will come to anything now.

56+ chilli’s are not to be sneezed at, although they are so hot that is exactly what you do have to do!

The boast of the season though has to be my tomatoes. I had so many I picked them with a wheelbarrow!

I grew outdoor cherry tomatoes in pots on top of the water butt and counted 300 of them weighing 11lb.

I grew salad and beefsteak in the tunnel. I had 146 salad weighing 43lb 14oz and 210 beefsteak coming in at 55lb 15oz.

We ate them fresh, grilled them, donated them, stewed them into sauce and finally resorted to freezing them whole in a big box in the bottom of the new chest freezer brought for exactly that reason. Next year I intend having less but this year I am just enjoying the achievement.

There have been other bits. Herbs from my very established herb garden planted alongside the path to the front door which always smells so good. Potatoes, small in number but far superior to any shop brought ones. Onions and garlic grown over winter and long gone now. Leeks which we are still harvesting now. Flageolet beans which look so pretty dried in a jar.

Then there’s the failures, the crops I didn’t get right but will try harder with next time. The blueberries I potted into to large pots so they just grew and grew but didn’t  flower. The kale and cauliflower that stretched for the skies when I planted them to close.

There’s also the future. The plants just starting on their journey. The 4 apple trees in ‘apple twig corner’. The grapevine, tayberry and fig planted against the chicken run.

Every year is fun and next year will always be better in a garden. It’s a good philosophy for life really!


2 thoughts on “Counting the harvest.

  1. What a fantastic crop you had! We too have made a list of things we will or won’t grow again. Potatoes didn’t thrive well at all on our plot in the end and the slugs had eaten too many for my liking. I must get a polytunnel as I think there’s a few things that would do better in one (like tomatoes!) We didn’t weigh anything, I wish we had. I’ll add it to my list for next year! 😊


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