Wild and wet.

I could have picked a better day to take delivery of 3 cubic metres of logs. The forecast was bleak and it seemed as if it would be impossible to get them undercover without them getting soaked.

Miss C was sitting at the dining table working on a lapbook. We are working out way through the Little House on the Prairie series of books. We find they cover lots of learning areas without it feeling to much like school. Miss C is able to do some of the work independently hence this morning I was the one to notice the wood arrive as I tidied the bedroom.

The driver was kind enough to reverse his very large trailer down the drive and with a bit of a squeeze was able to drop the logs right against the caravan

This is as close as we can get to the garage, where the logs get their final resting place before their journey to the fire.

The stage was set or at least the floor was cleared. The wheelbarrow was ready and most of all the rain had stopped. It was all systems go.  Game on.
We set a target of one hour and worked our socks off. We loaded the log store..

We made long tidy rows in the garage…

We finished just inside the hour.

With aching backs we sat down to some well earned lunch and listened as the heavens opened and another deluge of rain pounded the windows.

We’ve been lucky here, the south and west of the country has had it much worse. As I went out to check  the chickens later I got in some leeks for tea, giving them a quick rinse and top trim before bringing then into the kitchen.

I couldn’t help but be impressed by the sky.

It’s very grey across the village

In the opposite direction this is not a hill but a deep blue skyline with sun beaming up behind it to create a band of brightness in an otherwise dark day. This was at 3 o’clock and it was already dark enough for house lights and taillights.

You wouldn’t even want to put the cat out on a day like today!


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