A new addition to the family. 

While we were away on a short break last week we met and were rather taken with a little cat. Hubby rather rashly commented that he wasn’t opposed to having another cat and within the week I had taken him at his word. 

Meet Pickle.

A quick look on local media told me there are hundreds of cats looking for homes in the area. I just couldn’t decide whether I wanted a kitten or an old cat. A tabby or a ginger. 

I had to take Timmy my laid back cat into account. I needed a calm non dominant room mate for him. I also decided a slightly older cat might be kinder on my newish sofa. Pickle fitted the remit as he was meant to be about 3 years old, calm and laid back and used to other cats. 

Pickle hasn’t read that description. He is clearly younger, very very inquisitive, athletic and lively. He may well be housetrained but he is definitely not home trained. He hops onto the surfaces to look for food, he races around madly, gets over excited and attacks you before falling fast asleep. He is cuddly in a typical cat way but annoyingly he also sucks your clothes which is very annoying. 

We are convinced it will all be ok and he will settle in, although more likely he will get us trained fairly quickly. 

As a wise person once said…Dogs have owners. Cats have servants. 

I wouldn’t have it any other way! 


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