A hidden gem. 

Its traditional in our house to go away over the autumn half term. We’re a bit late this year but today saw us heading to the coast via a stop at our favourite tea room. Natural Surroundings just outside Holt in Norfolk is a secret treasure. 

There’s a lovely wild and natural garden to discover. Lots of wildflowers and cottage garden plants to buy. A coffee shop of the traditional kind. The food is good, wholesome and great value but best of all is the view from its windows. 

In just the time we sat there we saw dozens of birds only feet away. We were hoping to see the woodpecker or nuthatch who were there on our last visit. But 9 species is not to be sniffed at in the time it takes to eat a big bowl of chilli with granary doorsteps of fresh bread. Miss C wiled away some time playing with the pile of traditional toys and a great set of bird playing cards. 

Afterwards we walked through the field to Glandford. 

The River Glaven ran alongside us. It’s a chalk river which is internationally important the signs told us. 

Its also very tranquil and a landscape that probably hasn’t changed in the last 100 years. 

There’s a foot bridge over the ford before you enter the village and some beautiful Norfolk stone houses 

I’m not particularly religious but love the history of churches. Glandford is a little gem and open to visitors during the day. A huge novelty in this day and age. We were able to explore to our hearts content. 

This building was built with love and the sort of skills just not readily available anymore. 

From the stain glass to the wood carving.

The organ  to the hand stitched kneelers

This building has seen all of life pass through it and it echoes in every footstep. 

Good food, history and exercise what more could a soul need. 

The sea views when we got to our hotel aren’t bad either! 


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