A very scary cake. 

Before children, the Hubby and I didn’t even acknowledge Halloween. Now however it is a bit event in the Acquest household. Not least because it is Miss C’s birthday.

Some years we go away in the caravan and decorate that accordingly. Last year we hired the local village hall and had a brilliant party with all her Home Ed friends and their families. This year she wanted a tea party with just her family.

Every year her cake is Halloween based. We’ve made ghosts, spiders web cupcakes and last year a tray bake style graveyard. This year I wanted something a bit different. Now I’m no chef, I rarely bake as hubby and Miss C don’t have a sweet tooth and I end up eating it all. My waistline just does not need any help in that department!

I went onto Pinterest and searched ‘ easy b’day cakes’ and felt inspired by a pinwheel style design. It looked easy but elegant in the picture. Just the thing.

I started with a devil’s food cake recipe that I’ve used successfully on a number of occasions.

  • 10oz of brown sugar creamed into 5oz of butter is hard work but 3 eggs and vanilla essence help it all come together.
  • 8oz plain flour, 1/2 tsp bicarb and 2 tsp baking powder.
  • 8 floz milk and 3oz grated plain choc melted together all mix in.

Stirred together it’s almost a batter and probably too much for the cake tins I have.

I baked it at 170 for about 40 minutes and it came out ok.

Once cooled it sandwiched together with 10oz butter, 14oz icing sugar and 6oz melted chocolate.

It doesn’t use the full amount and the rest is mixed with another 3oz icing sugar, 150ml soured cream and in theory 7oz more melted chocolate. However I lost my nerve by then and only added another 3 oz  or so of choc.

Then you cover the whole thing in that mixture. Which covered all the crumbly sides and mistakes!

Then the fun began.

It was at this point I realised I should have measured the chocolate fingers before putting the 2 halves together but hey ho. Nothing ventured nothing gained. On they went. Along with M&M’s, Revels and maltesers and some spooky jellies just as a nod to Halloween.

I filled in the bottom in my own unique way. This cake is proper scary.

Not for the look of it but because of the million calories in every slice. It’s spookily bad for you and we will manage every last crumb!!


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