Lunch with Her Majesty. 

Ok so the title’s a tad dramatic but we did have our lunch at Sandringham today. I’m sure had the queen known she would have popped in to say hello!

The view from the window was good and the food was better. Unfortunately by the time it arrived we were so hungry I just wolfed it down without time for a snap!

We had a lovely walk through the woods taking lots of time to enjoy this year’s wonderful autumn colours. The ground was a bit damp and very squelchy in places but we had our stout boots and loved every minute.

At times we could have been the only people on earth. It was so peaceful, there were lots of squirrels and jay’s eating the sweet chestnuts

It was actually quite risky passing under some trees as they were falling constantly and certainly made a solid thud as they hit the ground. Miss C brought half a dozen home to roast but it seemed wrong to take too many when so many cute and cuddly creatures were collecting them. We even saw two deer grazing, although at such a distance it’s difficult to say what on!


There was so much to look at. The park area is even full of wonderful wood carving but there were too many children to do justice to it in photos.

Perhaps next time we will visit the sculptures walk. We didn’t find it until we were leaving but it looked impressive. Everything at Sandringham always does though.


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