My evening’s entertainment.

Seems I lost this one last night. It was late and I tried to upload 3 times. I’m going to re write it just for the practice!

I’m a musicians wife. When we were younger, before children, I spent my Saturday evenings drinking, dancing and watching hubby do his thing in dodgy clubs and pubs. More recently hubby had joined a grown up duo and I’ve been relegated to crochet and chocolate keeping the home fires burning.

I’m also to be found spending my Monday mornings in the local community library at a knitting group. I don’t knit but I do have the key and am pretty good at tea making. It’s enough to earn my place in the group.
To cement that place I’ve been given the dubious honour of making something from the left over wool.
Many of the ladies are elderly and housebound but we drop wool off to them and they knit squares. It keeps them off the streets and gives them visitors when we collect.


Last night I decided to alleviate the quiet times by working on some of the 60 plus squares I was given this week. These are a good batch, many are actually square and consistently knitted. I sorted the colours a bit and decided to try crocheting them together.

I think it’s started quite well and if I ever work out what’s happening with my blog perhaps I’ll get to finish the post. In the mean time the cat likes it!


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