A busy week.


Its been a busy week here. The days are warm but the evenings cold. We’ve lit the fire for the first time. I forgot to get the chimney swept or it might have been used a month ago!
The first few fires are never the best but eventually there’s a bit of ash build up and then they seem much better. Our fire is multi fuel but we only ever use wood. I use a mix of brought hardwood and home grown trunks donated by the Bee Buddy from land he manages. Our garden seems to be full of piles of it at the minute so we really must have a huge chopping and splitting effort. 


I brought some leek plants on a recent garden centre visit. They cost me the princely sum of £1 and on separating them I had rather more than expected. This meant I had to rapidly remove the celery from the veg bed I wanted to put them in. I’d been intending leaving it in until we used it as I was told it would be tastier that way.


I had to set up a processing system on the garden table. It was just to muddy and to extensive to come into the kitchen.


I filled the kitchen sink.


Then I filled a sweet tub.


Then I’m afraid I gave up and just threw it away.

I washed it, I picked off worms, slugs and bugs, I scrubbed it with a brush. Boy did I get sick of that celery. I intended blanching it but ran out of time and motivation.

I ended up freezing it raw chopped into small pieces in tubs and then just in half sticks in bags. I’m hoping it will work for cooking. There’s a lesson there I’m sure, probably to grow less celery.

A bit like the grow less tomatoes lesson.


AND the pick less apples lesson.


Dehydrated, sliced, frozen whole.




Miss C even used them to make a garden bird feeder.

It could just be beginners luck but my garden has done me proud this year. I’ve been keeping a log of a lot of it so I will have to count up and post. I might never do so well again and I’d hate to forget!


One thought on “A busy week.

  1. Looks like you got a very good harvest, I’m a bit envious of all those apples! 😊 (not the celery though, I buy celery every January when I promise to eat healthily and then it stays in the salad drawer until February when I give it to the chickens!)

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