The highs and lows of winning.

Just recently I was reading a post from one of my favourite bloggers about an award she had been given. She then had to nominate 10 other blogs. As I read through the list my name was on it. My heart skipped a beat and if I’m honest I clicked the link to check it was my site that came up!

I started my blog quite a while ago. The only time I have ‘put it out there’ is when I did a link on Pinterest to a picture of a sparrowhawk in my garden. From that I got a couple of views and likes and it’s slowly building.

I love getting likes, I love passing spare time reading others blogs. I’ve used recipes and been inspired by crafts. I’ve left a few comments and even more excitingly had a few comments and likes back.

I’ve spent all week thinking of the 7 interesting things about me. I’ve written some of them down but forgotten others before I got to the notebook. It’s been interesting thinking about me from others perspectives. I’ve decided I’m just not that interesting as I can’t think of 7 things!!

So far I have the following….

1. I’m a jack of all trades but master of none. I start a hundred different crafts but never finish them. I redesign the garden every time I have new ideas, but never finish it.

2. I love baking but am not good at main meals. In fact I have to ask hubby how long it takes to boil an egg and I always manage to wander off, with a head full of nothing, and then burn baked beans.

3. I’m to sensible. This is proven by my honeymoon. Hubby wanted to go to Australia but I sensibly brought a business, had just a week off and had my niece and nephews to stay. I always tell people I went to Banham Zoo for my honeymoon!

4. I’m allergic to juniper. Which is why I used to fall off my chair or be violently sick when drinking gin as a teenager. I was not the lightweight they all thought I was with my very trendy G&T. I discovered this only recently after making sloe  gin and being violently sick on the first taste test. I was convinced I’d picked some poisonous berries and would have discarded it all until hubby declared it delicious. I then made sloe vodka and loved it.

5. I have a terrible memory. I once spent ages forcing my house keys over the lid of the milk bottle, as I always forgot the milk for a community event and thought it was a fall proof way to remember. I later spent ages searching for my keys and it was only as I rushed into the venue late, having left the back door unlocked that I remembered the milk. 

And now I’ve run out of ideas. I’ve had others. But never made a note of them quick enough. So I will finish here.

Thank-you so much to Mrs Crafty. She made my day. I’m only sorry I couldn’t work out how to insert the links.

Sorry to the 10 other blog sites who could have been nominated by me if I could have only decided who you were.

I shall carry on with my little diary, loving every minute, not making enough time for it but having fun. It’s just for me but I’m pleased if others like it too.


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