Free as a bird.

Everything today seems to come back to birds.

Hubby spent most of the day building the hens a new coop. We used an old kitchen cupboard so that’s novel. I forgot to take a picture though so maybe tomorrow!

Later we realised the Gert who had been with us all day, getting in the way and generally being a pest, had vanished. Now last week I wouldn’t have worried as I thought the garden was secure. This week I know different.

Soon after letting the girls out early the other morning Miss C came downstairs saying she had heard our neighbour shouting my name over the fence. Turns out Gert had managed to get into his garden and had been caught by his dog. Fearing the worse he opened his car boot and I extracted a very frightened hen from amongst the paraphernalia. Seems the dog, a rather quiet Labrador had carried the hen to him very happily and he had put it in the nearest place. Gert was none the worse for the experience, her heart was pounding and she was a bit sucked looking but putting her down in front of the cats biscuit bowl soon cheered her up!

Anyway back to this afternoon and my missing Gert. I turned detective and basically followed the poo trail through the veggie beds.


Damaged tomatoes in the poly tunnel door…


Digging in the poly tunnel beds.

Chicken having a dust bath amongst the tomatoes. It was around 5.30 and the noise in the back ground is the start of the hundreds of sparrows coming in to roost in my Laurel hedge. Its bedlam in the garden at dusk each evening.


She’s right near the melons. ( Sorry I’m a bit proud of the melons and just had to show off AGAIN)


Lucky I had well watered the peas and lettuce I’d just planted. Wet soil is obviously not so attractive.

I left her, I’m nice like that! She repaid me by appearing minutes later and stealing the cat food.


Chickens in the house. Not actually allowed… but do they listen!

Later we found a rather dim but very cute Ring Collared Dove nesting in the tree.


It is a tree but only just.


She’s just above the lower of next door’s two roofs. Can you see it? The nest is smaller than the bird, her bottom is hanging over the edge. There surely can’t be any eggs.


The most exciting part of the day came as Miss C and I closed up the chickens for the night. We have been hearing a strange bird call for a couple of weeks but tonight after patiently waiting we finally identified it as it flew out of a tree and across the vegetable garden.

A Little Owl. Roosting and hunting in our garden. What a thrill.


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