Bad news in chicken land.


We’ve has chicken problems again. Peggy Pecker has been off colour for a few days and once or twice we feared the worst only to come down in the morning to find her up and about again. Unfortunately not only did she succumb to old age yesterday but Flash also managed to die, totally unexpectedly,  this week as well.

The chickens are ex battery and we’ve had them for 14 months or so. They’ve given us eggs every day until the last few weeks when they have all had a full moult and succumbed to and beaten the dreaded chicken mites caught from the wild birds. Peggy and Flash have both struggled with laying recently, with Flash in particular being egg bound on a number of occasions, so I guess we knew their time was coming.


The remaining two are getting extra spoiling. Being allowed to come into the main garden where they dig up the gravel and poo everywhere. We’ve even been mixing extra vitamins into cat food for them, much to the cats disgust.

The question now is whether to get more now or wait until the Spring.  Rescue hens only seem to be available then so if we want to do our good deed that’s the answer. Miss C has her heart set on a couple of  black fluffy hens and I fancy some blue egg layers, so who knows!


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