The Village people


It was the village show this weekend. If you’ve never been to one you really should. Now I would think that every village in the country has its ‘click’ and ours is no different.

Our show is in aid of the playing field fund but held in the village hall. This is a totally different fund to the village hall fund. The playing field however doesn’t have a hall. The hall doesn’t have any more outside space than a car park. The people on the village hall committee are sometimes the same as the people on the playing field committee. Why they don’t form one committee is beyond me but they don’t and more than that they don’t even always get on, even with themselves!

Now every year, for quite a few, I have been the booking in steward for the exhibits. I take the money and check the entrants have chosen the correct category. I don’t enter the exhibits on the computer. That’s the job of the person who owns the computer and woe betide anyone else to touch the computer. I sometimes help put the exhibits on the tables but I don’t decide exactly where. That’s the job of the person who has always put the exhibits on the tables I just put them down and let them line them up neatly. Woe betide the person who dares to change the set up of the tables without total agreement from the other.

Now all this sounds quite difficult but actually I love it. I’ve lived here for some years now and these people are family. We all have our jobs, we get on with them and the event happens. I feel I’ve earned my place in this society.

This year I finally dared to enter some exhibits.


I put five of my cosmos flowers into the catergory ‘ flowers not in schedule – same variety’. I entered 5 chillies in their category and 10 raspberries in their category.

Now I would like to tell you there were hundreds of entries and in the flowers there were quite a few, but in the chillies I was the only one and only two entered the raspberries.
Therefore to get a first for my chillies and a second for my raspberries was not so unexpected. One year the only entry in the homemade sweet catergory got a third and nearly self exploded. Apparently it’s down to points not number of entries. Who would have guessed?

After the show you can take your entries home or they are auctioned off. The auction is the best fun we have in the village all year. Husband’s bid against wives. Neighbours outdo each other. People bid for their own things. Someone usually realises half way through that they didn’t mean to leave their exhibit for auction and there’s a mad dash to find it before the hammer strikes. Most fun of all is watching the proudest member of the community showing their wealth with huge bets on random things they didn’t want.

Miss C always bids on all the small flower exhibits and we bring home lots of loose heads for 20p a bunch. I bid on anything that’s a bit slow. Sometimes people outbid me for fun or even vindictiveness but that’s ok. I never want it anyway! This year I brought a 20p marrow ( one year I got about 4 so that’s an improvement) for the chickens. I also brought the smallest pumpkin for 20p.


And the largest pumpkin, the best in show exhibit, for 50p.


On a final note. Guess who’s cosmos came first?

These village shows are addictive, next year we should all enter.


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