The Bee Trees. Hive Talking.

A Facebook friend who I haven’t seen for some time messaged me this afternoon about bees in her tree.
Now what she didn’t know was that I knew about said bees as The Buddy had visited her recently and given advice. Basically he had said they needed humanly killing, as she wanted the tree down and there was no way to remove them.
I had also seen the tree had been cut down and she was selling the wood.

Anyway she messages me to ask if I knew anyone who would take the nest, which after a few backwards and forwards posts turns out to be on the floor and covered with bees.


I popped around, I’m nice like that! But really I knew what I expected and it wasn’t a live nest.
This is how the bees would naturally build their homes without us pesky beekeepers butting in.


They entered through a split branch and built their comb down the hollow centre of the trunk. Entering and leaving through various other knots and cracks in the trunk.


They had been there some time. She told a tale of seeing them swarm from the tree last summer and there was a lot of old comb.


They had killed the hive by filling the holes with expanding foam and after a couple of weeks had the tree cut down. Leaving it for sale on her drive.


What then happened was that other local bees, on seeing a free meal, had come over to rob the honey. It’s a natural occurance. Honey takes a lot of energy to produce and ready made is always a bonus.
On an aside this is why you should never feed bumblebees with shop brought honey. It’s a carrier of diseases that can then kill honeybees!



It wasn’t hard to dig out the old comb, drop it in a bag for the bin and leave her to it. If she’s worried and has any left over bees I suggested watering the log with some stronger smelling disinfectant later tonight. Once the leftover bees have gone home obviously. That will just take the honey smell away and they won’t come back tomorrow.

Job done!!


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