1 – 0 to the bees.


Occasionally  the bees fight back and just do not want to be kept. Today was that day.

I had high hopes of removing honey, giving them more space and some extra work. They wanted to be left alone.

I started well. Carefully unloading the equipment, cutting the long grass from along the path to fit the  barrow through, even the smoker lit first time and that’s not something that happens often. Then it all went downhill from there.

As soon as I opened the first hive it was clear they were not happy. The noise levels were amazing and bees rushed out in all directions. I persevered with going though the frames in the first super but by the time I had removed only a few, the bees from the other hives had joined the fray. To be fair the honey was not as far forward as I had expected and as it was not capped with wax I would not have taken it. However the bees clearly had no intention of letting me try.


My arms soon felt like pin cushions and this particular string really struck deep.
I’m a beekeeper not a masochist, I put the hive back together and beat a dignified retreat.

I had to drive all the way down the track with my windows open and get out and walk around, leaving the doors wide open for another 10 minutes before I got rid of the little demons.


Every dark mark on these gloves are bee stings. My boots look similar. It wasn’t quite how I intended making more room in the hive, but as every bee that stings dies, I’ve certainly reduced the population today.



These are field beans. I was able to take a good long look at them as I walked aimlessly about ‘ losing’ bees. There’s a lot of flowers there. I’d better try for that honey again really soon

Interestingly when I got home to check the records I was seen off on 15th June last year, 13th June in 2014 and 6th July in 2013. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition!


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