Summer? You must be joking


It  was  apparently the first day of summer Wednesday and like so many of my posts it was raining!!

Miss C spent some time doing her home ed diary but soon bored of that and pulled the ‘ all my friends are off school for half term so why should I work’ argument. She was only marginally right as she never spends 6 hours at her desk so is hardly over worked, but she had a point.

I was cold and overcast myself so we lit the fire, settled down on the sofa and caught up on all the Springwatch episodes we had so far missed. Miss C loves wildlife and nature so that isn’t learning!

We drank hot chocolate and got out this puzzle


It’s only 250 pieces so far to easy but the round shape gave her a challenge. The fact that it had belonged to my nanna made it even more historical. Learning about kings and queens is not home ed now is it!


I used the time to make more squares.
I belong to a local knitting for charity group which is very generous of me as I can’t knit and only agreed to go along initially because I’m a key holder for the building. Anyway I decided to use up all the wool the other ladies don’t want to make crochet granny squares.



I’m thinking they might go together something like this. It will never be as impressive as the amazing blankets, hats, gloves and jumpers that the other ladies make. It’s another hobby I just don’t have time for!


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