Here comes summer.


I love spring and it is so exciting as the bulbs burst through the soil, layer by layer. Now they are all going over and summer is on the horizon.
The weather has been lovely at times, although the night temperatures have been cold.


The polyanthus are amazing and self seeding everywhere. They just seem to get better and better.


The peony is full of bud and as I got the supports in earlier this year I just hope it will stay upright as the flowers open. 15 years ago it was a whippy little wimp hiding in the shadow of a huge leylandii hedge. Once that was removed it has just gone from strength to strength and just proves what great value plants can be. Especially as it was already here so I never paid a penny for it!


Cabbage, kale and broccoli has gone in as the summerhouse was bursting at the seams.


Lettuces, radish intersown with carrot, spring onion and parsnips have been in a month or more.


Even the sweet corn under planted with courgettes and surrounded by French beans are in. Everything is covered with fleece at night and until today the sweet corn had plastic bottle cloches as well.


The mange tout have been planted in stages with these ones very advanced but the rest still under cover. Miss C is going to try supporting the next batch with old tennis rackets instead of my very untidy pea sticks.


The potatoes are all over the top of their bags and growing like weeds. These in the old barrel are using every scrap of compost I can find and nearly at the top. I didn’t expect that!


My most exciting find is this tiny day lily. Flowering in garden soil for the first time in the 25 years I have owned it. It was on the balcony of my very first bachelor flat and, in its pot, has moved with me everywhere I have lived. It has never once failed to flower in all those years. Neglect has never dampened it’s spirit but this spring I decided to finally plant it in the garden. I guess that must mean we’re both putting down roots.
Now that’s value for money!


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