Lambing fun.


Spring has sprung and lambing’s  begun.

Bee keepers are busy people and none more so than my friend and neighbour who not only keeps her hives and helps her husband run a successful business, but also had a flock of sheep, just for fun.

This week she extended an invitation to Miss C to look at the new lambs and help with a bottle feed.


These 2 little lambs are a sad story. The little one was the surviver in a pair whose mum can’t care for them. The large one was abandoned by his mum who liked his sibling better! Miss C had a great time letting them suckle her fingers and giving them each a bottle.



I know some people find them cute but although these little ones are less than 24 hours old I just can’t help thinking they look a bit mucky. Not at all like the fluffy white cuties you see in other peoples pictures. The mums definitely look slightly mad and as if they would like to stampede you to death. What with that and the poo I’m not sure I understand this farming lark!




The views are great though and I was rather taken with this pairs fluffy brown legs.


Miss C had a lovely time and even gave up an hour of mucking out to make the visit. I had to drop her at her horsey farm on the way home though. Not much pulls her away from her first love.


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