In like a lion.

Out like a lamb. Only this year March has been the other way around. This weekend saw storm Katie lash the south of the country with wind and rain.


I took the opportunity this morning to visit the bees. It’s a sensitive time of year for beekeepers. We want the bees to build up for spring but we can’t yet open them to see how they are doing. Some beekeepers give a spring liquid feed but as I feed mine fondant I don’t. I don’t want them to be storing artificial food in the frames as they will need the room for the real stuff soon, I hope.

I hefted the hives from the back to check the weight of each. They were all really heavy which indicates honey reserves enough to keep them going. I stood and watched the fronts, which is a perfect job on a sunny spring morning.

‘A poor life this if full of care. We have no time to stand and stare.’

You might just be able to see pollen going in on the picture above? That’s a sign the queen is laying. All 3 hives were flying which is obviously another good sign. The wood is dry even after all the rain and there’s a gentle sweet smell at the front, hopefully indicating they are warm and dry.


As I went back to the car the farmer was waiting to say good morning. He had given me a wide berth while I was working… No idea why !!! We had a chat about his plans for field edge wild flowers and other wildlife friendly measures. It’s so nice to chat to like minded nature lovers. Later in the year I will have the difficult decision on whether to leave the bees on the field with its peace and quiet and amazing views or bring them home to the garden for the convenience. I’m a hobby  beekeeper and miss visiting my bees with a mug of coffee in the mornings.

Once home I decided to tackle the escaped Japanese Quince.


Hubby had put up some wires so I trimmed out the dead wood


There’s a lot of coral spot so that all went into the bin rather than the compost. It can be a problem but luckily although the Quince always has it nothing else seems to be affected. I should have cleaned it out sooner though so that was an oversight.

The wires are not really strong enough for the bigger branches but I’ve given it my best and it definitely looks better.



I balanced on the outdoor sink, nearly breaking my neck in the process,  to take a picture of this lovely little wrens nest


It’s in the ivy I had intended to trim off some trellis, so I’m glad I didn’t get around to it now.  He’s been building it all week but it’s not occupied at the minute. Fingers crossed the male can persuade a lady wren into it soon.

Then I went and took some pictures of my seedlings just so I can clap myself on the back for how well they are doing.




I just have to keep them alive now. My track record is not good!


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