Solar power.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the installation of our solar panels.

We have 16 panels on the roof which is a 4 kW system. This was the largest a domestic house could have for the feed in tariff. We deliberated about having it regularly over the years but it was such a lot of money that we just never committed. I decided to ring around for some quotes and to be honest this was the only company that came back to me on time and then showed up when they said they would.

I’m a real pessimist so I never believe anyone on the day. The salesman was very straight forward and not at all pushy and after 2 visits over a week or so I signed up. I was so amazed at how quickly it had happened I was convinced it would all go wrong.

The panels were fitted the same month. One worker on the roof and an electrician inside.


The house is 200 years old and if I’m honest no job is ever a single job. Everything we ever do leads to at least two other problems.


The meter in the cupboard shows the state of some of our walls. But the electrician was unfazed.  By the end of the day we were making electricity.


Hubby works with numbers all day and couldn’t resist a flow chart. The blue is electricity generated, the red electricity we have used. We have reduced our monthly bill by £10 and are in credit after the winter  ( we were £300 in arrears at the end of last winter!) so expect it to fall further quite soon. We have also had almost £700 back from the feed in tariff.

We are on target to break even long before the 7 years they told us we would. For me being  able to run the dishwasher \ washing machine, slow cooker and hair straighteners all at once without spending a penny is just more exciting than chocolate!


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