A great start to British summertime. .

It’s Easter Sunday. A day to rest and relax. For us this involved an early egg hunt and croissants at breakfast. Then a good long walk at a nature reserve.


We joined the  hundreds of other families walking around the lakes and fields with bikes, scooters, buggies and dogs.


The wind was biting at times. Miss C befriended a dog who brought her his ball over and over again. His owner threw it into the water which was choppy and grey and looked totally uninviting, but in he went as ‘Happy as Larry’. We all made sure we were no where near as he shook afterwards.



We wandered down a side lane off the beaten track and visited this hide that is a replacement  from our last visit. It seems to have been designed on a public convenience and was just a welcoming. As the wind whistled through and around us we snapped a quick heron shot.


We love hides and have been known to sit for ages in anticipation. Even Miss C patiently waits.  This one was not an inviting place to rest and discover. Disappointing.



Other bird life was worth seeing though. Such skill.


Such majestic beauty.


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