Red onion marmalade.


I love red onion jam as we call it here.
I tried to make it last summer but half way through a friend called in for coffee and ‘cooking it slowly while stirring’ became ‘leaving it boiling while chatting’. Needless to say it was not ideal and in fact I couldn’t get it out of the jar when I came to use it.

Today I had another go using my slow cooker and this recipe


I tweeked it. Just a bit. A big bit!

First I doubled it as my cooker is huge and I’m to tight to use it almost empty. Wasted electricity I think.
So 1kg of red onions sweated in olive oil later. Added 6tbsp of brown sugar and added the whole lot to the cooker on high for an hour.
I added the red wine, paprika, balsamic as instructed. Then I looked at the jar in the fridge.


That had tasty sounding extras. So in went garlic granules, it said puree, I don’t have. Then it mentioned ginger puree, that sounded lovely you can never have to much ginger. Well I had a jar of stem ginger with lots of spare juice, so I put a dollop of that in.

I cooked it for 2 more hours while I coloured my hair. The house smelt divine. Thoughts of cheese sandwiches cursed through my mind.

I tasted it. Something missing. The book said to season, the jar mentioned molasses. In went a big spoon of black treacle and some pepper. Now we’re cooking.

Another hour and quite honestly it wasn’t ‘reduced’ quite as the book suggested. I made some blackcurrant jam while I waited.  Leaving the lid off to evaporate on the slow cooker. Then I did what all slapdash housewives do. I gave up and put it into warm jars. Let’s just  see what happens.


It looks, smells and tastes lovely. Bit soupy but it might set.

Then I realised it was teatime and I hadn’t actually made any. Sweet red onion soup anyone??


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