Blackcurrant jam and burnt fingers.


There’s always sugar in a beekeepers home. I only had half a sack from the bee buddy last year but still didn’t use it all. I’m happier that way, I consider autumn forage to be much healthier and never take late honey.

Now we are approaching the new season I’m starting to clear the freezer and replaced diminished pantry stores.

I’m out of jam (I’ve had to buy a jar in a shop.  Heavens above that’s not good housewifely!) I adore red onion chutney.
Today I made both.

The blackcurrants are from the garden via the freezer. We had loads again last year and there’s only so many things I can think to make.


This book came from Woolworths probably 20+ years ago. I’ve used it lots and the results are always good. It’s also a WI book so it doesn’t use fancy ingredients and extra add ins. Which I probably wouldn’t have, having not pre planned this.

I halved the recipe, who needs 10lb of blackcurrant jam when there is only 3 people in the house. (The servants have all done a runner it seems. Just little old me left!)


2lb frozen blackcurrants and 1 1\2 pint water heated in a pan. Reduce by 1\3. Add 3lb sugar, warmed in the oven first.
Always best to boil as little as possible after sugar so fruit stays fresh tasting.


I used a jam thermometer. I’ve had it ages and only when washing up today did I find you can slide the hook on the back down. Thus letting you clip it to the side of the pan. I wondered how everyone else managed when you see them on programmes happily using both hands.
‘Oh dear embarrassing’, as Miss C would say.


I jarred it using my largest measuring cup. After dropping it in once, and burning my fingers picking it out, you would imagine I would not make the same mistake twice.
You just don’t know me. I blame the blonde hair dye. Whoops.


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