WIP’s. UFO’s

Work in progress, unfinished objects. Call them what you like they are basically hours of work abandoned before the end. This year(like last) I am determined to get some of them on their way.


Here’s the years first partial success. It’s a partial success because it is meant to be a pair of floor cushion covers for two large cushions the cat likes to sleep on. As you can see one is clearly smaller and that’s because I got a bit bored of the colours and kept leaving it laying around half done.


I started with two basic granny squares using up any green wool that I had around. I was very keen on green a few years ago and seemed to have lots of half balls and left overs.

I joined the two panels together by just treble crocheting through both at the same time. Much quicker than over sewing and gives a pretty edge. I would have done more but the wool was in short supply and the time was getting on. Hubby was pacing around muttering about bed and some people having to work the next day and I knew if I put it down it might be another month before I went back to it.


The idea is that these will be on the garden bench this summer with the rather bright bench cover I have also been working on for the last two winters.

This one…..


Not there yet then!!


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