Free and easy.

Spring has sprung and today I decided to tackle the compost heap. I have 2, next to each other made from old pallets and covered with plastic.


I emptied the first and used it to mulch under the shrubs and over the perennials. Throwing all the uncomposted bits back into the empty bin. I would like to tell you that I carefully weeded everywhere first but I’d be lying. Trouble later but looks good for now!!


I had lots of help from the girls.

Miss C appeared just as I was flagging with some much needed sustenance in the form of hot buttered toast. I shared it…. Really I did!


Hubby had been busy cutting up all the wood we have had laying around weathering all last summer.


Doesn’t it look good. All neatly stacked and ready for next winters warmth.

We finished the work with a quick weed of the new veggie beds.


Hubby built them last summer. I filled them by riddling a huge area of leaf mould from the bee garden. I dug so deep I actually found a crazy paving yard underneath it all. Perhaps more about that another time should I get around to doing anything with it.
I’ve planted them with onion sets


And some strawberry runners I found under the blackcurrant bush.


So that was today’s work. Free compost from garden waste, free wood from friends, free strawberry plants I didn’t know I had and a bag of onion sets from Poundland.

£1 in cost. High in effort… Perhaps not so easy!!!!


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