A home ed opportunity to good to miss.


A treat in the garden today. I had let the chickens out only minutes earlier and as I checked them out of the kitchen window I was amazed they were nowhere to be seen. In fact there was not a bird in sight, pretty unusual so early in the morning on the feeders. Looking closer I saw the reason!

This is our local sparrowhawk. She and her partner have been fairly prolific this winter. Usually all we see are the feathers after the event, but it is often a daily occurrence.

We were able to find the video and watch as she made short work of plucking the feathers. She then struggled to take flight and made it as far as the fence post.


We watched for almost an hour as she plucked the chest and removed the wings before starting to eat.


We moved from the kitchen to an upstairs bedroom window. We were even able to open the window and lean out. She knew we were there but didn’t seem that worried.

The beauty of home education is that this happened at 8.20 just as we would have been leaving for school. Instead Miss C was able to stand and watch. We were able to discuss the whole event and follow that seam in our work.


Miss C did consider being a wildlife photographer for a little while. Watching an hour of wobbly video of bird, hedge, staircase, ceiling and the washing line perhaps it is just as well she changed her mind!!!


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