Smoke gets in your eyes.

When making charcoal the thing to realise is that you will stink afterwards!

Yesterday as the tail of storm Jonas blew across the fields Miss C and I went into the wilderness to make charcoal. Last autumn we had spent a morning helping to cut the kindling, which was then left under plastic ready for the big burn. Twice it has been cancelled due to the rain but Monday my bee buddy did the first burn and then yesterday we joined him to empty the first lot


Sieve out the dust


And then reuse the bits that hadn’t cooked enough to start the next one


A few old bee hive frames to start the burn and then the really dry leftovers to get the fire hot.


As the fire built we gradually added the chopped wood


And built up the layers until the bin was full


It was blowing a gale across the fields behind us and at times we struggled to stand up straight. Away from the fire’s heat it was bitingly cold and Miss C alternated between moaning about being hungry, cold and bored one moment and exploring the hedgerows, making twig riding crops and climbing trees the next.


Eventually we put the lids on and waited for the smoke colour to change from burning to cooking the wood. If I’m honest I couldn’t see the change!!


This is it although apparently it’s not perfect as the wind is so strong.


Then we covered both with damp sand. Sealed the bottom to stop the draw and left them to it.

We ended the day with a long soak in a hot bubblebath. Warm and clean again.

Today we go back to empty the bins.
Roll on the summer barbeque.


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