Feeling Christmassy now.

Miss C and I have had a lovely day with lots of Christmas fun. First we topped the cake.


As hubby doesn’t like marzipan or icing we don’t usually bother with one but this year we just fancied the challenge. Having made a traditional cake some weeks ago I found a nut topping in this year’s issue of Landscape Magazine.


It’s a delicious combination of nuts, dried cranberries and choc chips. Stirred into a syrup, butter and cornflower sauce and cooked in the oven for 10 mins. We had a little try (cooks perk!) And it tastes lovely, can’t wait for a slice.
Later we made sweets and cranberry and apple sauces. I might post them later!
We finished the afternoon by using the leftovers to make a room fragrance.


Basically the chopped squeezed oranges with the discarded odd looking cranberries, a few cloves and a pinch of mixed spices. Having a rampant rosemary bush outside the front door I chucked in a few clippings of that as well for colour. Stood on top of the fire for a while the whole room now smells divine.


Christmas has officially started!


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