Autumn sunshine.

A beautiful autumn day just needs to be celebrated so today I was up with the lark and busy, busy, busy. Having set Miss C up with some school work I got down to some ironing and housework. With the washing drying and the windows thrown open I got down to the finer things in life.. enjoying the sunshine. My poor little girl slaved over a maths program Which is actually a great site that today kept her busy without complaint for over an hour.

First I jarred up a few pound of honey30.09 no1

Then I picked a bowl of autumn raspberries.30.09  2raspberries I don’t have many plants but they have done me proud this year. In fact the whole garden is still dotted with flowers.

30.09  10  Weigela. Pale pink and lovely still.

30.09  9 Michaelmas Daisies

30.09  8 Spiraea flowers for the 3rd time

30.09  6 Honey bees (but not mine!) enjoy the Sedum

30.09  3 Sunflowers just keep flowering and flowering.

30.09   7 Pyracantha berries. Could be a cold winter?

30.09   5 The climbing Hydrangea is losing its leaves!

 After all our efforts we treated ourselves to a visit to a dear friends for coffee and socialisation. Usually we organise the kids into board games and educational pursuits but today we just let them play while we drank coffee and caught up. There’s always room for more work tomorrow.


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