Flavoured honey.

flavoured honey

It’s been raining again and being confined to the house is never good in my book so I decided to busy myself with some alternative uses for all the honey in the cupboard. A lot of it this year is from the dreaded Oil Seed  Rape plant which although prolific in its nectar production is not so popular with the buyers, mainly because it can set like concrete in the jar and has been known to bend many a spoon and rip holes in perfectly good toast. Although I never take my bees to the Rape they have this year found a perfectly good source all by themselves and have made me pounds of lovely pale almost white honey that few people will want.

Thinking about what we mostly use honey for I came up with the idea of trying to make a flavoured product that will be easier to use. Stand by for Ginger Honey!ginger honeyI’m thinking this will be good during the winter when we get all the colds and sore throats that seem to follow us through the season. This is a thick piece of ginger root cut into as thin slices as I could manage. I then put it in the saucepan with 2lb of honey and heated very gently for about 10 minutes until it smelt divine.ginger honey 2I took it off the heat. Left it to cool down in the pan with the lid on so that the smell didn’t evaporate with the steam.

It smelt so good and hadn’t taken long so I turned my attention to the next thing to add. Having some large and very beautiful oranges in the bowl I contemplated adding them. Honey only keeps because it is so low in water content so adding wet fruit seemed a bit silly. I decided to just add the zest. orange honeyI warmed it in just the same way.

After a couple of hours it was cool enough to go back into clean jars and I ran it through a sieve to remove the ginger/orange.

With hindsight I wish now I have left it unstrained as the flavour is perhaps not strong enough. However Miss C who has a sore throat this week (funny how that developed just as mum had made all those tempting jars!) has been drinking the ginger honey with a slice of lemon and hot water and declares it to be very good for her. The orange honey is lovely on fresh bread toast.

Perhaps ginger and lemon next time, herbs, spices? My thinking cap is on.

Fingers crossed for more rain then….


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