furniture polish

Being a beekeeper I have spare wax. Every year I collect it via a solar extractor and clean it before storing it ready to do something with. I have never actually used any of it. For some years I have had a great book ‘Honey by Jenni Fleetwood’. Last year I went to a hardware store and brought the extra ingredients. Today I finally made some furniture polish.

First I melted down the waxfurniture polish

Then I mixed together Linseed Oil and Turpentine. The recipe said to warm them together and mix well off heat. Unfortunately I was to impatient to wait for the wax to melt completely and it instantly looked a bit ‘odd’furniture polish 3

Having quickly poured the liquid into a bowl I patiently waited for the wax to actually melt. Mixing it all together the second time it looked a lot better so I then poured it back into the bowl again to cool.

A few hours later it had set, smelt lovely and is a soft creamy consistency. I practised a bit on a dresser and then the floor boards in the corner of the room (tempting as it was to create a slippery ski run across the lounge I didn’t think B would be so happy when he came home this evening) It works a treat and the floor seems fine, eventually I hope to do the whole room but knowing how long I spent getting around to making it I won’t be expecting to polish 5


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