Unexpected free time.

Today I was planning on putting my winter treatment on the bees. Three of us local beekeepers get together and go around each others hives changing the floors and putting in chemicals to kill the pesky little varroa bugs. Its a heavy job usually with lots of stings. I don’t particularly look forward to it for that reason and because is seems wrong to be filling a hive with noxious fumes. Anyway I digress.

I woke to rain and by 9 o clock, when my lift arrived, it was still raining. We gossiped for a while (beekeepers are good at that we call it knowledge sharing) and agreed to give it a few hours and start again after lunch. Miss C had gone to her granddads for the day so with an empty house I decided, as all good housewives would, to do some housework. I spent a few happy hours defrosting the freezer and cleaning the kitchen.. Such fun!

After a quick break for some lunch and as it was still raining we decided to abandon our earlier plans and I sneaked off to the craft room with the idea of tidying there. Now I have a lot of craft stash and I am proud to say it is fairly organised. I do love my ‘stacky bins’ and buy and fill them constantly. But anyone who loves craft knows that you can never look and not buy/make/plan and that is the excuse I am sticking to. I save everything and seeing all the little scraps of paper and card….

I started a gift tag. Just the one….tags 1

Well we all know what happened next. My 10 minute gift tag became a 2 hour session and  I made a few more. But I did tidy the craft room afterwards so that’s ok.

tags 3                  tags 5tags 2


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