Our lovely new chicken run

The novelty of our new chickens hasn’t worn off yet here at Acquest. We had 4 rescue hens from Basingstoke Hen Rescue at the beginning of June. A friend had shared their page on Facebook. The site address is this.. http://www.fsfh.org.uk/

We collected them in the pouring rain and what bedraggled little things they were. chickens 2By the following morning they had settled in fine and were free ranging throughout the garden. I had every intention in calling them all Henrietta (it seemed an easy idea) but Miss C wouldn’t hear of it and instantly started thinking up names. Pecking Peggy was an easy one. Even with only half a beak (they burn them off it seems!) she was definitely boss. Hettie Bettie is the pretty one (but only I see it!). The other 2 became Chesty (her chest is totally bare of feathers) and Dirty Bum (she had a very unsettled tummy it seemed). Now you try calling the last 2 at bedtime. After a few days even my giggling daughter felt a bit silly. They soon became Flash (white bar on head) and Gertie (well it does rhyme!!)

The coop had been made from the old dog kennel and the run from a cage we had kept the cat in for a short while during a house move some years ago. It has been stacked behind the garage all this time just waiting for a use. We were very pleased with our cheap chickens and free run. coop 4

It soon became clear though that when we were out all day, and they were shut in, it was just not big enough. The ground became dirty and during a bad storm the roof started to collapse under the weight of the rain. Something posher was needed.

Along came run No 2. A super-duper design once again using up some bits that were laying around but also costing us some new wood and posts. This week on his holidays my lovely hubby has spent 2 days building it and very nice it is too…

new chicken run 2

It has a clear roof to allow the light in but keep it dry. We have planted an Escallonia bush to one side to provide something to sit under. We under planted that with violets as we noticed the girls loved rooting out the bugs in the huge clump in the garden. They loved it so much however that I don’t think it lasted the day. It has a little decorative shelf on the outside because my hubby has an odd sense of humour, but I’m thinking a chicken ornament might look good there.

In short it’s not quite finished but we think we, and the hens,  will have great fun changing and modifying it over the coming weeks.


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