moving my bees.

Bees on the move

For my first bee blog I thought I would tell you all about my beekeeping set-up. I have kept bees for 9 years now and for the last few summers have had them in the garden all year round. This winter I want to do some work on some very large trees around their hive area and have decided to move them to a fairly local farm. During the day of the move I went through the hives, checked they were healthy and shut them down to a brood box and one super. I then strapped them down and left them until the evening when they had stopped flying. We then inserted foam in the front and with the help of my ‘bee buddy’ carted them down the garden in a wheel barrow to the car. This sounds easy?? It would be had my garden not been full of uneven paving, a hive with a hole in it meaning the little darlings started to escape (quick sheet thrown over and wrapped tight solved their fun), a very bumpy field at the other end and the fact that they weighed a ton. My bee buddy mentor, who is now a good friend, tells me he was stung more times that evening then he had been all week, I hadn’t noticed as unlike me he doesn’t squeal or mutter rude words with each puncture wound. Perhaps in another 20 years I will also have skin like rhino hide!!


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